Friday, January 12, 2018

My Life as a Piano Lamp 1st. student

As I was sitting on the piano being proud, a little girl came over to me and she picks me up and turns me upside down, looks at my bottom then she touches the shade and puts fingerprints all over my shade and body. A bigger boy comes into the room and takes me away from the little girl and he tells her that "this lamp is not a toy and she is not allowed to touch it." I was put back on the piano and the little girl left the room. The boy got a cloth and wiped all the fingerprints off of me then he left the room. 
I heard a bell ring then the woman and a tall skinny boy came into the piano room. The boy sits on the piano bench in front of the piano and the woman sits in a chair next to the piano. 
The tall skinny boy calls the woman by name, "Ms Jane I've been practicing everyday" and the woman calls the boy Bobby and Ms Jane says "you have earned all your music points", I thought, I know there names!
Bobby notices the piano lamp and says to Ms Jane "you got a new piano lamp, its beautiful! I love it! the light sure is brighter than the old lamp".
 Ms Jane said "yes, Bobby, the old lamp went to piano lamp heaven, this new lamp comes from The House of Troy all the way from connecticut". 
The piano lamp got excited and thought, Bye gosh I think my name must be TROY!
Bobby took out his sheet music and put them on the piano, he straighten up his body place his hands perfectly on the keyboard and he started pushing the keys down with his fingers of his right hand, one key at a time. 
His fingers were moving up and down the keyboard then he started placing his fingers in patterns of three and four on different keys at the same time and now he is using both hands. What amazing sounds and tones came from this piano. The music that was being played was so soothing, I was falling asleep then the music stopped. Bobby gathered his sheet music,stood up and told "Ms Jane that he would see her next week at the same time." 
Ms Jane smiled and told Bobby that "remember you will be starting your new music for the piano recital next week". Ms Jane gathered her note book then turned off the piano lamp and left the piano room.
Troy felt a little lonely, nobody's in the room and with his light turned off it was dark. Then Troy thought to himself, this is my new home and I like it.

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