Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Life as a Piano Lamp The Beginning

All of the sudden I came to life. I looked around and I saw a man with a cloth in his hand and he was rubbing my shade then he started to rub my body and my base and the whole time he is whistling a song. The man smiled at me, checked his teeth in my shade and said "PERFECT!"

 I was pick up off the table and put in a box then crumpled paper was placed all around me, the top was put on the box and it became very dark. As my eyes adjusted I cold see slevers of lights coming into the box. The box that I was in started moving, it stopped and I was placed on something very noisey that moved fast then I was falling. Something caught me and the next thing I knew I was flying then caught again and put down somewhere. I heard a sound like metal on metal scraping each other, a motor started up and I started moving, this time the ride was very bumpy with a lots of stopping and starting. I was in the moving vehicle for days, I would hear people talking, laughing, yelling then there would be silence. Finally I heard the metal on metal scraping sound again. People were talking then the box that I was in was lifted up and whoever had me handed me to someone else and that person was a woman and she seemed very happy to get the box. The woman started opening the box, the papers were removed and I was lifted out of the box.  This woman was smiling, she looked at the man who brought me and she said "thank you very much for driving 2000 miles to bring this lamp tp me I'm so very pleased", she started cleaning the paper dust off me with a cloth and I could see myself start shining.  The woman placed me on a piano and plugged my cord into the wall, she turned a switch and a bright light shined from me. The woman smiled and clapped her hand with joy and I was a proud Piano Lamp sitting on top of her piano. 
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